IV Hydration Therapy

We are now taking health and fitness to the next level by bringing our IV therapy to the comfort of your home, work, and other offsite location. Our IV can restore hydration, replenish the body’s store of vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, and help cleanse and detoxify the body. It is designed to speed up the recovery process and provide a sense of relief from symptoms of illness, hangovers, dehydration, and overcommitted athletes. Our IV treatments take less than an hour, and you’ll feel the effects quickly.

Types of Hydration Therapy


Intravenous fluid therapy refers to the provision of IV fluids and electrolytes for patients who are suffering from acute dehydration. The aim of giving IV fluids is to provide enough fluid and electrolytes to meet the patient’s lack of necessary and vital bodily fluids.

If it becomes hard for you to swallow or drink because of illness or ailments, fluids and nutrition can be given through the intravenous method. If you are losing vital fluids because of vomiting, sweating, or diarrhea, it is crucial for you to see a doctor. Chicago Express Doctors will meet you conveniently at your home, office or hotel to administer immediate treatment and relief.

If you are in pain or if you feel this is a life-threatening illness, you must see a doctor immediately. Call us (312) 929-4492.


Intravenous fluid (IV) will give your body enough fluid and electrolytes to correct illnesses related to dehydration. Our base IV is the foundation around our other therapies. Once we ascertain your specific needs, this IV will assist you in recovering quickly from your symptoms. We will provide you with recommendations and prescription details to ensure your recovery is quick and easy.


Migraines and headaches can completely interrupt with your life and ruin your day. Agonizing pain, nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sounds are all effects of bad migraines.

This type IV starts with a liter of normal saline where B vitamins are added to help disrupt migraines and headaches. In some cases, we also add Toradol, a high-strength, long-acting non-narcotic substance to combat the pain. Once you’re feeling better after your infusion takes place, don’t forget to ask our staff for possible preventive treatment to lessen future headaches.

Migraine IV has been proven to remain effective as long as one month after the treatment has finished. Not experiencing any severe pain for that period is a relief for those chronic migraine sufferers.


This IV treatment will help your body recover quickly after a grueling event, triathlon, workout or simply when you push your body a little too hard. Our IV treatment can also be administered before a long endurance event.

Athletic Performance IV works in two fundamental ways. Firstly, it increases performance by strengthening the body, topping up levels of the vitamins and minerals that can be consumed by strenuous exercise. Secondly, several nutrients have been found to decrease fatigue which could contribute to reducing the time it takes for you to bounce back after a long day of strenuous activity. Call us and inquire about this type of treatment before your next event.


This IV will have you feeling better in no time! It helps you feel better faster when you’re stuck in bed with a cold, flu or cases of food poisoning.

Our immune system is there to resolve ailments with little to no interference, however, when the going gets tough, IV treatment is the immediate solution.


Fatigue and jet lag are a cause of dehydration. Airline cabins are entirely dehumidified, and literally, we often end up breathing the same germ infected air that is recirculated. Add this factor to poor nutrition, and we have a cocktail for disaster.

Our treatments of vitamins and antioxidants can help you recover from your long vacation and allow a smoother transition when you get back. Our IV hydration therapy will combats jetlag, enabling you to enjoy your trip to the fullest and get you back feeling great.

This type of treatment can be applied prior to your trip and when you return.


The worst part of having a hangover is nausea. Hangovers are prompted by dehydration which can cause stomach aches, headaches, and it becomes challenging to think straight.

Since you’re probably too sick to eat or even drink during a hangover, the best approach to get necessary electrolytes with IV therapy which works as a substitute in providing your body the fluids and minerals it needs such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Our Recovery IV treatment is safe and works quickly so you can eliminate your hangover and have a productive day.


The Myers cocktail is a nutrient cocktail created by John Myers, who was a physician from Baltimore, Maryland. This type of IV is administered intravenously and promoted as an alternative treatment for a broad range of conditions including asthma, chronic fatigue, and other illnesses.

It consists of vitamin C, B vitamins, and other nutrients. The Myers cocktail is a swift way to get essential nutrients and hydration inside the body. Many people live an active and busy life and have trouble getting enough nutrients and vitamins in their diet. There is no better way to provide you with enough vitamins than with the Myers’ Cocktail. Myers’ Cocktail is a type of Hydration Therapy that will help you feel better and achieve real health.


The primary goal of sinusitis IV is to eradicate infection, decrease the severity and duration of symptoms, and prevent complications when combating symptoms of sinusitis. This treatment will give your immune system the support and energy it needs for a quick comeback.


The main active ingredient in this treatment is Glutathione which is used in combination with Vitamin C and is administered through an IV. This powerful combination fights effects of aging, pollution, sun exposure and other factors that can destroy collagen leading to dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. These ingredients spread evenly through the body, when administered via IV, and eat up any oxidative cell damage that leads to dull, uneven skin. All medication is administered by our trained doctors, and your treatment program will be carefully monitored, to oversee progress and also ensure your safety and well being.

Try our Radiance IV therapy to restore and rejuvenate yourself, inside and out.


Vitality IV gives you the energy you need to get through a long week and revitalize yourself from the stress of everyday life. This IV provides direct and continuous results to combat everything from common illness to rehydration after getting sick and a multitude of other factors. This IV is a combination of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and vital trace elements that your body needs to stay healthy and active.

This IV is perfect for those who need to get through an enduring work week and revitalize themselves from everyday stress.

Contact our local doctors in Chicago, Illinois, at (312) 929-4492 for in-home medical services that allow you to have peace of mind about treating an illness or injury.