We know and understand the confidentiality and comfort that you want to have.

Our entertainment production doctor visit service is designed around the needs of actors, actresses, athletes, models, and people who are in the entertainment industry.
Chicago Express Doctors provides a rapid and efficient entertainment production doctor visit or outside appointment, whichever your client prefers. We offer an efficient solution to guest illness, which can make all the difference to the guest experience and the smooth running of the production. We offer medical services to production guests 24-hours, 7 days a week. Our physicians will give patients individualized attention in the comfort and convenience of their own location. Our Doctors show up on your doorstep to be attentive to your personal medical needs. We will provide premium quality on-site physician and medical services in the comfort and convenience of your production room or other location, by licensed physicians. Chicago Express Doctors is fully approved by the Care Quality Commission and all our doctors are qualified, checked, experienced permanent team members.

The Premier Production Service

We aim to provide the best level of healthcare for all patients.
However, we appreciate that premier hotel guests have special service level requirements and we launched our Premier Service in order to provide:
  • A priority booking number for ease of access
  • Priority doctors rotate to ensure rapid response
  • General blood work including advanced lab screening
  • Client Care Manager: Any queries or special requests dealt with at director level
  • Telephone advise following a visit
  • Simplified fee structure
  • Free medical support to the hotel, to assist the hotel and its guests
  • Visits to Hotel Room
  • Personalized Diagnosis and Treatment
  • 24-hour/ 7 days a week Service/li>
  • No waiting – fast service!
  • Private and confidential
For more information about how we can provide specialist medical services for film and entertainment industry, call us at our 24 Hour Service Number (312) 929-4492